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The Templates tab shows all templates defined. Each template is configured individually.

Active - If unchecked the template is not used

Use partial template - use only part of the displayed image.

Note: Very useful when using polygon match refinement where the polygon use a wider area than the first step cross-correlation

View partial only - this temporarily zooms the viewed image to show the partial template defined above

Use subimage - enable a second pattern matcher on a separate ROI inside the template. Use for instance to distinguish between object that are nearly the same, except in a small region

Threshold - threshold used for the subimage pattern matcher

Inv - if unchecked, a match in the subimage is required for this template to generate a match; if checked, no match in the subimage is required

Name - user defined name of the template - useful in classification when having multiple templates

Center-X, Center-Y - defines the template center. Can also be set by clicking in the image

Get center of gravity / From polygon - Sets the Center-X and Center-Y values to the center-of-gravity of the selected polygon. Useful to locate the center of a circle for example, and much more accurate than manually clicking.

Angle - define the angle of the template in degrees - used to align/handle templates with different angles in multitemplate systems

Weight - user defined weight of template used in score calculation - cost function corrolation*weight. Typically less than 1 to maintain score 0..255.

Mouse partial template or subimage operation (when selected) - red rectangle:

  • Alt + Mouse movement to find rectangle or corner (cursor changes)
  • Alt + Left drag to move corner or rectangle

Active Templates - used to activate individual templates by template name.

Format : <roistart<-roistop>:>regex<;<roistart<-roistop>:>regex> where items in <> are optional.


T2 - activates templates where "T2" is part of template name
T2;B2 - activates templates where "T2" or "B2" is part of template name
^T2 - activates templates where template name starts with "T2"
^T2$ - activates templates where template name is exact "T2"
5:T5 - activates templates for ROI 5 where "T5" is part of template name
1-6:C1;7-12:C2 - activates templates for ROI 1 to 6 where "C1" is part of template name, and templates for ROI 7 to 12 where "C2" is part of template name

Read more on Scorpion regular expressions.



- Add and remove templates.

Note: Add will automatically perform a paste if a clipboard region is given or an image exist on the clipboard.

- Load bitmap from file

- Paste bitmap from clipboard to current template or from the template given by four clipboard points in the image - The four points must be inside the current ROI.  

Note: When the tab is active Ctrl-Z will paste from clipboard to the active template

Paste square image - when depressed, pasted images are padded with masked pixels to become square. Rotated templates will then be more accurate.

Note : The template are normally trained in the Training tab

Template Image

  - Mask tool selector -Template size in pixels and number of masked pixels

The image menu has the following functions:

  • Mask - mask at current point
  • Unmask - unmask at current point
  • Set center - define the origin of the template
  • Reset mask - remove any pixel masking
  • Invert mask - flip pixel mask
  • Set measure origin - define measure starting point and activate image measurement
  • Measure - activate image measurement
  • Freeze - deactivate measurement
  • Show info - activate cursor measurement window
  • Copy - copy bitmap to clipboard
  • Save - save bitmap to file
  • Paste - paste image from clipboard
  • Load from file... - activate a file browser to select bitmap
  • Show details - show or hide partial template/subimage

Mouse Mask Operations:

  • Ctrl + Left mouse button down - draw mask
  • Shift + Left mouse button down - erase mask

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