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Calibrate Measurements

This example demonstrates the usage of the Scorpion Calibrator Tool.

The Calibrator profile is available on the Scorpion CD.

The scenario is a Standard Scorpion with a Computer Macro Lens and Baumer Optronic FWX05 800x600 monochrome firewire camera. The system is calibrated using a high precision grid and the Scorpion Calibrator tool. 

An electronic caliper set to 30.00 mm is placed under the camera. The distance between the to caliper edges is measured with the following procedure:

  • Two template finders locating the caliper edges peaks
  • Two line finders
    • Using the first and second order derivative
  • Nearest point on line between lines found by the line finders

To compare, a simple ruler calibration using the Scorpion ScaleReference tool is also used to measure the distance between the two caliper edges.

Here are the details:

Locate edges
Find Edge Lines
Measure the Distance
Simple Ruler Calibration



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