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  • Specify - use manually set Min and Max thresholds.
    • - will activate a tool parameter browser.

    • Note: Minimum and maximum threshold can be linked to a result in another tool - very often a percentile value from the Intensity tool

  • Search outside values - when set, search is negated - pixels that would not have been considered within a blob will now be in a blob and vice versa.
  • Max is inclusive - when set, search is within min<=v<=max, otherwise min<=v<max, where v is the pixel value.
  • Auto (dark) - see description below
  • Auto (bright) - see description below
  • Bimodal - see description below
  • Position factor - see description below

Auto thresholding

A threshold is set based on the image's histogram.

  • If Bimodal is checked, the histogram should have two distinct tops (i.e., two major gray levels). A threshold is calculated assuring maximum separation.
  • If Bimodal is not checked, the histogram is assumed not bimodal. A threshold is still found to separate the image, but since tops in the histogram are not assumed, the centre of gravity of the histogram on each side of the threshold is used as a "top" instead.
  • The Position factor determines the reported threshold. 0 means the optimum threshold, -1 means the darker top, +1 means the brighter top. Anything in between leads to linear interpolation between a top and the threshold.
  • Percentile (dark) - search from 0 to the given percentile (of values within the ROI)
  • Percentile (bright) - search from the given percentile to max
    • offset - static offset to the percentile value
  • Percentiles - multitop search
    • tbd


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