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AlignedRect The minimum bounding box aligned with x/y axes
AllCenters A separate mark for each blob center of gravity
AllContours A line following the contour of each blobs
AllHoles A line following the contour of each hole
BoundingBox Smallest possible rectangle containg each blob
Center A point defining the largest blob’s center of gravity
ChildAxes Reference system defined by the largest blob's position/axes
Contour The contour of the blob with largest contour area
Convex hull The smallest surrounding convex polygon
Description Visualise feature classification
Description (invalid) Visualise feature classification when not accepted
Index Blob index after sorting
MajorAxis Orientation of the bounding box ("x" axis)
MinorAxis Orientation of the bounding box ("y" axis)
ReferenceAxes Incoming reference system
ResultAxes Reference system used for results
ROI Region Of Interest for the measurement
ROIHoles Excluded areas of the Region Of Interest due to overlapping polygons


Scorpion Vision Version XII : Build 646 - Date: 20170225
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