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ExecuteCmd support - More information 



Return values


Set Object=ROI;Value=<polygon> ok,None Sets the first ROI polygon. See Copy/paste ROIs for details.
Set Object=ROI;Number=<number>;
ok,None Sets the numbered ROI polygon. See Copy/paste ROIs for details.
Add Object=ROI;Value=<polygon> ok,None Adds ROI polygon to the end of the list. See Copy/paste ROIs for details.
Get Object=ROI;Number=<number> ok,<polygon> Gets numbered polygon, as Scorpion polygon (StrArr format).
Get Object=Tuple;Number=<number> ok,<tuple> Gets numbered polygon, as Python tuple
Get Object=Blobcontour;Number=<number> ok,<polygon> Gets numbered blob, as Scorpion polygon. 1<=number<=32. Empty if no blob.
Clear Object=ROI;Number=<number> ok,None Clears numbered polygon (makes empty)
DeleteAll - ok,None Deletes all polygons

Example1: # Set Dynamic ROI using the resulting Blob contour

# uses tool scripting of the blob tool finding the object contour
def afterExecute(self):
  #use self.name to get this tool instance
  GetTool('b4').executeCmd('set;object=roi;value='+tool.getStringValue('Contour[1]')) # polygon defines ROI directly
  #Return 1 for OK, 0 for new execution
  return 1
Note: Polygons can be connected by reference in the embedded polygon editor inside Blob4



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