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The toolbox is operated like global Scorpion toolbox - more

Please observe the following:

  • No reference means the Incoming reference system
  • Results from the outer scope is imported with the Data Import tool
  • Complete tool from the outer scope is imported with the Tool Import tool
    • Note: when a tool is imported all results and the reference is imported
  • One reference system can be exported using the Outgoing reference in the setup tab
  • All results can be exported using the Setup tab
    • The user defined Toolbox results are available internally with the prefix TOOLBOX.<name>. Externally they are exposed with the toolbox instance name. <toolbox>.name
  • Exported and Imported results have read and write access
  • Toolboxes can be nested without any restriction
  • The toolbox menu is activated right-clicking the mouse.



Scorpion Vision Version XII : Build 650 - Date: 20170614
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