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ExternalLogic - 14

Tool Name:

Tool Index: 14
Tool Category: Data Tools


The ExternalLogic tool is a data tool which holds state information, in form of a boolean.

Like other tools from the 'Data Tools' tool category, the ExternalLogic tool does not do any processing. It is used for holding state. The ExternalLogic tool can be accessed from other tools defined in the profile, and the scripts configured in the Scorpion, for getting or setting a boolean state.

All the tools from the 'Data Tools' category are used primarily for -

  • Holding one or more states. This is very similar to variables used in Python script which are used for holding states. Data tools however have more settings, inline with the Scorpion architecture, for more control on the states they hold. Other tools and the scripts defined in the profile can query current value and can also set the value for any state held by a data tool.

  • Interfacing with user interface elements. The Scorpion Vision Software support very useful feature of customized user interface, for controlling the processing at run-time, by setting values for different processing parameters. Though it is possible to directly link the user interface elements to the processing tools, it is a recommended practice to use data tools as intermediate layer to interface with the user interface elements and actual processing tools linking to the data tools. This provides better separation of user interface and processing, and hence helps in reducing the setup, fine-tuning and maintenance time.

User Interface:

(A) Tool Configuration dialog box – Setup Tab

1. The ‘Set to initial value before inspection’ check-box can be used to reset the value of the state held by the ExternalLogic tool, to the configured initial value, before every inspection cycle.
2. The ‘Make external changes permanent’ check-box can be used to make the value persistent, which means that the value of the state is remembered across the session. The last value if remembered when the profile is closed and the value of the tool is reset to this remembered value when the profile is loaded next time.
3. The ‘Initial value’ text-box can be used to specify the initial value for the state held by the ExternalLogic tool. It can be 0 (false) or 1 (true)
4. The ‘Transfer initial value to result’ button can be used to set the result of the tool to the configured initial value. The result value of the tool does not get updated, unless processing happens. It is a recommended practice to click this button to set the result value to the initial value during the ExternalLogic tool configuration.
5. The ‘Transfer results to initial value’ button can be used to set the initial value of the tool to the current tool result value.

Basic Processing when the tool is executed:

1. If 'Set to initial value before inspection' is enabled, the value of the state held by the tool is reset to the configured 'initial value'.

Inputs to the Tool:
Inputs: None
Uses Reference: No
Uses Image: No


Outputs from the Tool:
1 Value: Numeric The current value of the ExternalLogic tool, as False (0) or True (1).
2 StatusText: Text This is a standard output from all Scorpion tools and describes the processing status
3 Status: Numeric This is a standard output from all Scorpion tools and indicates error/success of the tool processing. 1 indicates success and 0 indicates error.
4 AnalyzeTime: Numeric This is a standard output from all Scorpion tools and indicates the time taken by the last processing operation of this tool
Visualizations: None
Reference outputs: None

Supports Templates: No

Scorpion Vision Version XII : Build 646 - Date: 20170225
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