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ExternalCoordinates3D - 157
The ExternalCoordinates3D is used as a modification/correction for 3D camera calibration in Scorpion.

When doing a 3D calibration in Scorpion using the Calibrator3D tool, a robot is normally not involved. ExternalCoordinates3D will help you easily set up the robot coordinates:

  • Calibrator + ExternalReference3D -> robot coordinates
  • Calibrator3D + ExternalCoordinates3D -> robot coordinates

Similar to ExternalReference3D, the tool setup consists of a set of coordinate pairs, Local and External. In the Local fields are the object (or robot) coordinates, and in the External fields are measured coordinates. The tool will create a best match between these pairs.

Note that in addition to positioning the 3D coordinates, any inaccuracies in the robot or other equipment will also be compensated for. This tool introduces a correction matrix not available from any other tools

Note that at least 4 points must be defined, and they must not be coplanar.

Test profile

Here is a couple of profiles

T2 is a complete robot calibration - attached to show a complex setup.


Coordinate System

Reference - Incoming 3D Reference system selection

3D axis size - defines the length of the 3D axis visualisation

Note: Setting the length can be used to describe the actual 3D FOV

Points 1-18
- describes 3D to 3D conversion. There are three pages, with points 1-6, 7-12 and 13-18. These can be used simultaneously or separately, depending on the application.


Active - activate/deactivate point

Local - real coordinates of the calibration object (X, Y, Z)

External - corresponding measured coordinates (X, Y, Z)

Max deviation - indicates the point with maximum deviation - this is a possible candidate for deactivation

Import points a-b - Instantly imports current tool values as static values. See below under Imports.

Inactive points a-b - deactivate all points on the current page

Active points a-b - activate all points on the current page


You can set up tools to provide (3D) points to your calibration. For example a Locate3D tool. When the tool has a correct value, you can import the current value into your ExternalReference3D as a static number.

Active - activate/deactivate import of this point (when the Import button is clicked)

Tool - the tool providing the 3D point

Result - the point result from the selected tool

Import points a-b - Same as the import button under Points

Inactive imports a-b - deactivate all imports on the current page

Active imports a-b - activate all imports on the current page


ChildAxes The established 3D coordinate system
ReferenceAxes The incoming 3D coordinate system


Number of points 3D calibration points used
RMS Projection accuracy, in object coordinates (usually mm)

ExecuteCmd support (see also executeCmd)



Return values


Import Point=<n> ok,None Import a single point (1-18), if import is active for that point. Fails if the tool's config dialog is open.
Import Page=<n> ok,None Import points on page n (1-3). Only points with import active are imported. If the tool's config dialog is open, it is updated.



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