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Release Notes


AreaFilter - 158

The AreaFilter tool has the following filter possibilities

  • Energy filter (highlights areas with high activity)
  • 3x3 FIR filter
  • Normalizing filter
  • Median filter

In addition, the filtered pixels can be limited within a range.

Demonstration Profile


Reference - Reference system selection

ROI - region of interest

  • Use whole picture - ignore ROI settings and use all of the image


  • Vector - list of numbered polygons
  • Content - the points of the selected polygon, or the name of an external polygon (a result from another tool). The polygon can be either a StrVec representation, or it can be a Python tuple.
  • New - add polygon
  • Delete - remove selected polygon
  • Paste new - creates a new polygon, pastes the polygon from the clipboard and presses apply  - this is the quickest way to create many polygons
  • Highlight selection - highlights the selected polygon in the image
  • ... - Browse for an external polygon
  • Copy - copies the selected polygon to the clipboard
  • Move - move the selected polygon based on one ot two points on the clipboard.
  • Paste - pastes the clipboard to the selected polygon - will overwrite an existing polygon

Note: Copy is used to transfer polygon to the image for editing and modification. The edited polygon is pasted back to the tool using Paste. More on Point and Click Operations

Vector mouse menu - activate by right mouse clicking in the Vector list

  • New - creates a new vector
  • Delete - deletes the selected vector
  • Paste new - paste clipboard as new polygon
  • Up - moves polygon up in list
  • Down - moved polygon down in list
  • Grid... - activate dialog for defining polygon grid
  • Delete all - removes all polygons from list
  • Delete empty vectors - remove all empty polygons

ROI morphology

  • The ROI polygons can be eroded (made smaller) or dilated (made larger) prior to use.

Output Image

  • In-place editing - modify the input image directly
  • Output to image - name of image to present result
  • Commit changes to image - send the modified image back to the Scorpion system. If not checked, a temporary matrix holds the modified image, ready to be used by e.g. other AreaFilter instances. The image must eventually be committed to be useful to the rest of Scorpion.

Note: The tool CommitImage will commit changes also



Energy filter

This filter is especially designed to pick areas in the image with high activity

  • Threshold1 - pixels below this value are marked (set to 255)
  • Threshold2 - pixels above this value are marked (set to 255)
  • Remove if a neighbour pixel is below Threshold1 - if checked, unmark (set to Threshold1) if a pixel has a low immediate neighbour pixel
  • Mean deviation factor -
  • Std deviation factor -
  • Square deviation factor -
  • Weighted deviation limit - finally, a pixel is marked if its local activity (a weighted combination of mean deviation, std of deviation factor or square of deviation) exceeds the limit.

3x3 FIR filter

  • Coefficients (3x3) - You can type/paste filter coefficients in the edit rectangle. Only three lines of numbers are read, and only three numbers are read on each line. Missing values are replaced by 0.
  • Offset - The offset value is added to each pixel after filtering.

Normalizing filter

  • Filter size (odd) - size of the percentile filter
  • Percentile - percentile choice
  • Multiplication factor - max normalized value

NOTE that when percentile is set at 50, a very fast filter routine is used. For any other value the filter operation is MUCH slower.

Median filter

This is a simple percentile median done within the ROI polygons.

  • Filter size (odd) - The filter size will be forced to be an odd number before filtering.
  • Percentile - value specifies which of the sorted values to output.

NOTE that when percentile is set at 50, a very fast filter routine is used. For any other value the filter operation is MUCH slower.

Limit output pixels (min/max)

When checked, the filtered section(s) of the image are limited to be within the range (min <= value <= max).


ROI Region of interest
ROI holes Holes in the ROI (i.e., polygons within polygons)


ModifyCount Number of pixels modified by the Energy filter only


ExecuteCmd support - more information



Return values


Set Object=ROI;Value=<polygon> ok,None Sets the first ROI polygon. See Copy/paste ROIs for details.
Set Object=ROI;Number=<number>;
ok,None Sets the numbered ROI polygon. See Copy/paste ROIs for details.
Get Object=ROI;Number=<number> ok,<polygon> Gets numbered polygon, as Scorpion polygon (StrArr format).
Set Object=WholePicture;Value=0/1 ok,None Sets the whole picture option
Get Object=WholePicture ok,0/1 Gets the whole picture option
DeleteAll - ok,None Deletes all polygons

Scorpion Vision Version XII : Build 646 - Date: 20170225
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