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Release Notes


ImageResampler - 70
ImageResampler is an image conversion tool that resamples an image based on a region of interest and the input reference system.

In the Scorpion Train Demo an image of a dice is captured at an angle.


  • The ImageSampler is in many cases used to verify 2D and 3D reference systems.
  • It can be used to resample a specific plane in 3D machine vision

ImageResampler can dynamically resample the image - to look at the dice from the top.

The Calibrator tool is often the first reference when using the ImageResampler.

Demonstration Profile


Reference - Reference system selection

ROI - image for calculation and ROI (region of interest)

  • Whole image - ignore ROI settings and use all of the image
  • Center-X - x
  • Center-Y - y
  • dX - height
  • dY - width

The ROI can be managed by the buttons

  • Paste - paste the ROI from the image to the scorpion clipboard
  • Copy - copy the ROI to the image from the scorpion clipboard

Point & Click Clipboard Support

The rectangular ROI is defined by four points.

 One point will change the center point.


Output Image

  • Output to image - name of image to present result
  • Pixel size (pitch) - X and Y - correspondence between input reference units and output image pixels. A value of 1 means one output pixel per input unit, 2 means one output pixel per two input units.
  • Resulting image in pixels - the actual image size is shown

An image with reference system in mm will be resampled to a pitch of 1 mm with the default value of 1. With a value of 0.01 the resulting image will have a constant pitch of 0.01 mm. This is independant of the original pixel resolution.


ROI Display the Region Of Interest


Mean pixel ratio Mean pixel-to-pixel ratio between original and resampled picture. Values larger than 1 means loss of information (decimation).
Pixel ratio.x Pixel ratio in x direction
Pixel ratio.y Pixel ratio in y direction


ExecuteCmd support
(see also executeCmd)



Return values


Set Object=ROI;Value=<polygon>
Sets the tool's ROI. See Copy/paste ROIs for details.
Get Object=ROI ok,<polygon> Current ROI as rectangular, closed polygon



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