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BaseTool - 163

Tool Name:

Tool Index: 163 
Tool Category: Basic Tools


Specialized tool for Scorpion Tool Component, configurable for SDK license users only.

User Interface:


Basic Processing when the tool is executed:


BaseTool python class:

access method : GetBaseTool(name)

The derived python tool class supporting coordinate and reference transform methods moving between resampled input image and the origin image, and access to user added DataInput pages. In addition to the attributes and methods of the object returned by GetTool(name) the BaseTool class has following attributes and methods.

In the tool's python methods, the "self" object is a python BaseTool instance and the attributes and methods in below tables may be accessed directly.

Attribute Access Type Description
wholeImage R bool returns state of whole image flag
center R point ROI center in object coordinates
size R point ROI size in object coordinates
angle R float  ROI angle, 0 if deactivated

Method Returns Description
imgToObj(pnt) point transforms execute method's incoming image pixel coordinates to basetools object coordinates, single point, tuple/list of point tuples or arrlib object
imgToPix(pnt) point transforms execute method's incoming image pixel coordinates to origin image pixel coordinates, single point, tuple/list of point tuples or arrlib object
objToImg(pnt) point transforms basetools object coordinates to execute method's incoming image pixel coordinates, single point, tuple/list of point tuples or arrlib object
pixToImg(pnt) point transforms origin image pixel coordinates to execute method's incoming image pixel coordinates, single point, tuple/list of point tuples or arrlib object
getDataInput(name) DataInput returns internal DataInput object. Note! available only when configuration dialog is shown, else None is returned
getDataInputByChild(ctrl) DataInput returns internal DataInput object owning the ctrl, typically used in DataInput callback scripts
dataInputApply(page="") int apply all or single DataInput page. Returns pages applied
dataInputRefresh(page="") int refresh all or single DataInput page. Returns pages refreshed

Inputs to the Tool:
Inputs: User configurable
Uses Reference: User configurable, 2D or 3D
Uses Image: User configurable, 2D or 3D


Outputs from the Tool:
1 MeanPixRatio Numeric mean pixel ratio when configured ROI
2 PixRatio_x Numeric ROI pixel ratio, x direction
3 PixRatio_y Numeric ROI pixel ratio, y direction
4 AnalyzeTime: Numeric This is a standard output from all Scorpion tools and indicates the time taken by the last processing operation of this tool
Visualizations: ROI
Reference outputs: Incoming or user defined

Supports Templates: Yes

Example 1, Coordinate transforms
def execute(self,image):
  # use self.name to get this tool instance
  # tool=GetTool(self.name)
  # image parameter is a python image matrix due to ROI
  # Return 1 for pass, 0 for fail
  def PrintPoint(txt,p):
    print formatted point
    print txt,'(%.1f, %.1f)'%(p[0],p[1])
  def DrawPoint(ref,p,col,idx):
    draws a marker and coordinate text in ref's object coords
  t=BaseTool(self.name)            #get the BaseTool wrapper instance
  print t.wholeImage               #basetool internal wholeImage flag
  print t.center                   #basetool internal ROI center, object coords
  print t.size                     #basetool internal ROI size, object coords
  rows,cols=image.dim()            #incoming image size
  pc=t.imgToPix((rows/2,cols/2))   #origin image center
  pmn=t.imgToPix((0,0))            #origin image "upper left"
  pmx=t.imgToPix((rows,cols))      #origin image "bottom right"
  rc=t.pixToImg(pc)                #incoming image center
  rmn=t.pixToImg(pmn)              #incoming image "upper left"
  rmx=t.pixToImg(pmx)              #incoming image "bottom right"
  print '-'*40
  PrintPoint('PIX size  ',((abs(pmx[0]-pmn[0]),abs(pmx[1]-pmn[1]))))
  PrintPoint('PIX center',pc)
  PrintPoint('PIX min   ',pmn)
  PrintPoint('PIX max   ',pmx)
  PrintPoint('IMG center',rc)
  PrintPoint('IMG size  ',((abs(rmx[0]-rmn[0]),abs(rmx[1]-rmn[1]))))
  PrintPoint('IMG min   ',rmn)
  PrintPoint('IMG max   ',rmx)
  if 0:
    ref='Pixels' #none existing tool - using pixel coords
  if 1:
    ref=''  #no reference - using current tool's object coords
  return 1
Example 2, Accessing internal DataInput page from ScriptButton on DataInput page
def DataInputScriptButtonClick(Sender,Args):
  #insert the button handler code

  t=GetBaseTool(Args.name)       #Args the a generic tool instance, get the BaseTool instance
  di=t.getDataInput('Config')    #get the BaseTool's 'Config' DataInput object
  if di:                         #check if available, ie. config dialog is open
    di.update()                  #refresh content
Example 3, Generic button click handling in DataInput buttons
def ButtonClicked(Sender,Args):
  #Sender is the clicked button
  #Insert the control on clicked code
  #print di,param.group,param.name,Sender.caption
  if param.name.find('Tower')>-1:
    if Sender.caption.find('-')>0:
      print 'decreasing %s for %s'%(param.group,param.name)
     elif Sender.caption.find('+')>0:
      print 'increasing %s for %s'%(param.group,param.name)

Scorpion Vision Version XII : Build 650 - Date: 20170614
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