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ImageCombiner - 74
The ImageCombiner tool is a flexible tool for image manipulation. The following features are supported:
  • Image Subtraction using static reference images
  • Image Subtraction using running average of image

The tool has a reference and works within a Region of Interest - ROI.

A typical application for Image Combiner is print verification. Below a label is shown.

With Image Substraction a typical output image is shown below:

This image is normally analysed using a Blob tool. We see that the last digit of the label sequence number is changing from label to label. The rest of the label is more or less unchanged.



Reference - Reference system selection

ROI - image for calculation and ROI (region of interest)

  • Whole image - ignore ROI settings and use all of the image
  • Center-X - x
  • Center-Y - y
  • dX - height
  • dY - width

The ROI is managed by the buttons

  • Paste - paste the ROI from the image to the scorpion clipboard
  • Copy - copy the ROI to the image from the scorpion clipboard

Point & Click Clipboard Support

The rectangular ROI is defined by four points.

 One point will change the center point.

More on Image Operations.

Output Image

  • Output to image - name of image to present result
  • Pixel size (pitch) - correspondence between input reference units and output image pixels. A value of 1 means one output pixel per input unit, 2 means one output pixel per two input units.
  • Resulting image in pixels - the actual image size is shown

Image combination

The resulting image is made as a combination of the following:

  • Incoming image - current image, possibly scaled by a factor
  • Running avg - minus running average (see below), possibly scaled
  • Stored image - minus the mean value of all stored images (see below)
  • Constant - plus a constant

Running average

Two algorithms are available for calculation of the running average:

  • Recursive: This is sometimes also called an exponential filter, or infinite impulse response (IIR).
  • True: The running average is calculated from the count last incoming pictures.


Stored Images

Any number of static images can be stored within the tool. When stored image is selected for the calculation, a simple mean of all the stored pictures is used and subtracted from the incoming image.

Note: All stored pictures must be of the same size, and also the same size as the output image (in pixels). If any other pictures are stored, the mean value will not be calculated or used. You are warned if different size images are stored.

  • Add from ROI - add the last input image to the store
  • Replace from ROI - replace the visible stored image with the last input image
  • Add from file... - add an image read from file
  • Replace from file... - replace the visible stored image with an image read from file
  • Delete - delete the visible image
  • Delete all - remove all stored images



ROI Region of interest

Mean pixel ratio Mean pixel-to-pixel ratio between original and resampled picture. Values larger than 1 means loss of information (decimation).


ExecuteCmd support (see also executeCmd)



Return values


Set Object=ROI;Value=<point/polygon>
Sets the tool's ROI. See Copy/paste ROIs for details.
Get Object=ROI ok,<polygon> Current ROI as rectangular, closed polygon
AddImage - ok,res Adds last incoming picture to store
ClearAll - ok,res Removes all pictures from store
DeleteImage Index=<n> ok,res Delete specified image from store; shift remaining images down in index
ReplaceImage Index=<n> ok,res Replace specified image in store by last incoming image

Example1: # AddImage

tool = GetTool('Combiner') #Get a handle to an ImageCombiner tool

Example2: # DeleteImage

tool = GetTool('Combiner') #Get a handle to an ImageCombiner tool



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