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EasyBarCode - 72

EasyBarCode is a Scorpion wrapper for the Euresys eVision EasyBarCode ActiveX control.

The control is licensed separately, see http://www.euresys.com/ and requires a Euresys usb-dongle to run.

The tool require a dongle and licence from Euresys.

Note: This tool is legacy and are replaced with the free STC-0006 Barcode and STC-0009 DataMatrix.

When installing Scorpion it is required to select and install the EVision module in the Scorpion Setup. The tool was originally based on eVision Version 6.6. A compatible and complete set of files are installed when installing Scorpion.

  • Automatic bar code location
  • Automatic symbology detection
  • Full support of many symbologies
  • Very fast and robust

EasyBarCode is a library dedicated to automatically locate and read bar codes. Bar codes encode short character string and are widely used for marking and identifying goods. EasyBarCode is able to identify and read a wide range of standard commonly used symbologies as well as additional symbologies.

EasyBarCode automatically locates the bar code symbol in the image. Moreover, for prototyping or special cases, an advanced manual location mode is also available.

Bar code reader
Supported symbologies:
  Standard symbologies:
  Code 128 Codabar MSI  
  Code 39 Code 2/5 5 Interleaved UPC A  
  EAN 128 EAN 13 UPC E  
  Additional symbologies:
  Code 32 Plessey Code 2/5 5 Bars IATA  
  Code 39 Extended Telepen Code 2/5 5 Bars Industry  
  Code 39 Reduced ADS Anker Code 2/5 5 Bars Compressed  
  Code 412 SEMI Binary code Code 2/5 5 Bars Inverted  
  Code 93 Code 11 Code BCD Matrix  
  Code 93 Extended Code 13 Code C.I.P.  
  Code STK Code 2/5 3 Bars Datalogic Ean 8  
  IBM Delta Distance A Code 2/5 3 Bars Matrix  
  • Bar code translation, rotation and scaling support
  • Automatic compensation of illumination changes
  • Direct contrast (black on white) and inverse contrast (white on black) support
  • Checksum validation

The tool will detect and report (presently) a single barcode within the ROI, from one of a large set of symbologies.

A reference system is also created, centered at the barcode.



Reference - Reference system selection

ROI (Region of interest)

  • Use whole picture - only possible if the reference is trivial, i.e., with no calibrator, perspective, rotation or scaling. Position/size is ignored if this is checked.
  • Center-X - x
  • Center-Y - y
  • dX - height
  • dY - width
  • Size - resampling of the incoming image to shrink/grow. Growing the image may in certaing cases improve the barcode detection.

Point & Click Clipboard Support

The rectangular ROI is defined by four points.

 One point will change the center point.

More on Image Operations.


  • Checksum verification - for symbologies thet support checksums; ignored otherwise. If checked, the checksum digits are stripped from the result.
  • Note: for symbologies with optional checksums, checking this option may result in codes not found.

Visible result

  • Include symbology - display symbology name on screen
  • Include code - display found code


A large number of symbologies is supported.

Note: Limit the number of selected symbologies in an application - there is an amount of ambiguity between symbologies, so selecting too many may result in incorrect decoding.


Symbology Found symbology
Code Found code
Whole picture 1: whole picture was searched; 0: specified ROI was used
Position.x Code mid position
Position.y Code mid position
Size.x Code "length"
Size.y Code "width"
Angle Code angle
Trivial refsys 1: reference system is trivial - whole picture may be used; 0: not trivial - whole picture not available


Code Text: symbology and/or code
Rect Found code bounding rectangle
ROI Search area

ExecuteCmd support
(see also executeCmd)



Return values


Set Object=ROI;Value=<point/polygon> ok,res Sets the tool's ROI. See Copy/paste ROIs for details.
Get Object=ROI ok,<polygon> Current ROI (angled rectangle).



Scorpion Vision Version XII : Build 646 - Date: 20170225
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